European Turks will celebrate their 58th anniversary of coming to Europe this October

Turks have always been familiar with the concept of immigration and there have been many moves from one place to another in Turkish history. However, the first big immigration of Turkish Republic happened in 1961 after the agreement with Germany. While at first 5800 Turks went to Germany now 3.200.000 Turks are living in Germany and 5.700.000 Turks living in Europe. These people were used as cheap labour and throughout the time they provided a lot of benefit to Turkey. We can gather these benefits in a few main points

1)Foreign currency that Europen Turks bring to Turkey

In the 60s and 70s currencies that were sent by Turks that are living in Europe was almost as much as our exports. Throughout the 80s and 90s at the times of economic crisis, it can be seen that these currencies were narrowing the foreign trade deficit. However, after 2000 these people stopped sending money to Turkey since they were completely adapted to the places that they live. On the other hand, these people frequently come to Turkey as tourists and support our economy very well. Also, they have a big amount of investments in Turkey as well.

2)Carry out lobbying activities in the favour of Turkey

Turkish people that went to Europe were very successful at establishing associations to stand up for their rights. In this way, they also made a name for Turkey as well. These are things that impossible to find in any other countries. Associations that were found by these Turks worked as kinds of the embassy at that time.

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