The 2019 Survey on The Turkish People’s Perspective to the EU

The 2019 Survey on The Turkish People’s Perspective to the


The 7 th Survey on the Turkish People’s Perspective to the EU, conducted this
year, was carried out between 02-14 November 2018 in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir,
Diyarbakır, Kayseri, Artvin, Bursa and Antalya. In the frame of the survey
conducted by telephone accordance with Cati method, 1186 individuals were
asked the questions. These questions were answered by people aged between
18 and 65 years, and 54 percent of these was male and 46 percent of female.
Question 1: Do you believe that Turkey will be a member of the European

33.2Evet (33,2)
Hayır (57,7)
Bilmiyorum (9,1)
Neutral (9,1)

As a result of the survey, it was observed that nearly one-third of the Turkish
people still believe that Turkey would be a member of the European Union.
This rate was 46 percent of the survey conducted in 2011. The developments in
2018 and Merkel’s statements regarding the EU and Turkey have caused a
decline in belief. In spite of this situation, almost half of the Turkish people
does not believe that Turkey will be a member of the EU.
Question 2: Which country is constitutes the biggest obstacle for Turkey’s EU


Almanya (38,2)
Fransa (21,1)
Yunanistan (11,2)
Güney Kıbrıs (10,2)
Avusturya (18,2)
Diğer (1,1)
Greece (11,2)
Southern Cyprus (10,2)
Austria (18,2)

Particularly, Angela Merkel’s demands since July about the rupture of
relations with Turkey or at least suspension of relations except for the full
membership ranks Germany is the first among the countries hindering Turkey.
The 38.2 percent of Turkish people experience the counter view of Germany.
In France, there is 21.1 percent accusation. In France, the policy of Macron in
the recent months, conflicts with Angela Merkel’s policy on Turkey, has caused
decline in the reaction towards France. While South Cyprus and Greece are
considered close to each other at hindering Turkey in terms of full membership,
we observe that Austria becomes prominent as the president of the European
Union during this term and that it takes place among the countries that will
hinder Turkey’s full membership with a rate of 18.2.
Question 3: Do you think that the government’s efforts are sufficient
regarding the European Union?

Evet (18,2)
Hayır (60,5)
Bilmiyorum (21,3)
Neutral (21,3)

People who do not believe that the government’s efforts in regard to the
European Union are insufficient, are more than three-fifths of the survey. The
conflict between Turkey and the EU and the confrontations of Turkey are the
primary determinants.
Question 4: What can be the contributions of the European Union to Turkey?

Hiçbir Katkısı Olmaz (48,4)
Serbest Dolaşım (22,1)
AB Bütçesinden yararlanmak
Avrupa Parlamentosuna
Katılmak (5,1)
Free Movement (22,1)
Utilization from the EU
budget (24,4)
Participation in the
European Parliament (5,1)
There is No Contribution (48,4)

The right of free movement takes place on the top between the contributions
to be provided to Turkey being the full member in the EU. The one-fifths mass
emphasizes the free movement. Turkish people still want to be give the right
of free movement in the EU. The rate of people who have no contribution is
almost half. In recent years, the rate of benefiting from the EU budget is 24.4%.
The rate of participation in the European Parliament has dropped to 5,1%.
Question 5: Does Turkey need to the European Union in terms of economy?

Evet (64,4)
Hayır (26,9)
Kararsızım (8,7)
Neutral (8,7)

The rate of people who think that Turkey needs the European Union is 64.4,
which is quite a high. We can see that the people who said that Turkey does
not need it is almost 4-to-1 mass.
Question 6: What kind of contribution can be given by Turkey to the
European Union?

Nüfus (21,1)
Ekonomi (23,3)
Kültür (5,1)
Savunma (50,5)
Population (21,1)
Economy (23,3)
Culture (5,1)

When asked that “How can we contribute to the EU?” the population and
economy move at almost the same level, defence comes to the fore with a big
difference. There is a young population. In defence, the fact that we are the
second largest country within NATO is effective in this.
Question 7: Which are the country/countries sympathetic to membership of

Batı Avrupa Ülkeleri (6,4)
Kuzey Avrupa ülkeleri (15,2)
Akdeniz Ülkeleri (44,2)
Doğu Avrupa Ülkeleri (22,4)
Orta Avrupa Ülkeleri (8,3)
Hiçbiri (3,5)Central European Countries (8,3)
Westren European Countries(6,4)
Northern European Countries (15,2)
Mediterranean Countries (44,2)
Eastern European Countries (22,4)
None (3,5)

The Mediterranean countries come to fore at first sight among the countries
which are sympathetic to membership of Turkey. The expectations of the

Turkish people from Spain, Italy, Greece and Croatia are high. Among the
countries defined the least sympathetic are the Central European Countries
and the Western European Countries such as Germany. The rate of this is
nearly 9%.
Question 8: How does the Presidency system affect the approchement of
Turkey to the European Union?

Olumlu (24,2)
Olumsuz (57,1)
Etkisi yok (18,7)
Uneffective (18,7)
Positive (24,2)
Negative (57,1)

The 57,1 percent of people who see the Precidency system as an obstacle to
path of Turkey towards the EU, and think that it is negative, constitute the two-
fourths of Turkish people.
Question 9: What are the reasons why Turkey can’t be a member of the
European Union for a long time?

Demokratik Yetersizlik (26,6)
Güneydoğu Sorunu (34,8)
Türkofobi ve İslamafobi (33,3)
Coğrafi Konum (5,3)
Democratic Inadequacy (26,6)
South-east Problem
Turkophobia and Islamophobia (33,3)
Geographical Location (5,3)

The South-east Problem ranks on the top among all the most significant
reasons for Turkey’s not becoming a member of the EU. Thereafter,
Turkophobia and Islamophobia are observed with a difference of 1%.
Question 10: Do you think that Turkey should recover relationships with
Germany which is the most influental country of the EU?

Evet (67,9)
Hayır (23,7)
Kararsızım (8,4)
Yes (67,9)
No (23,7)
Neutral (8,4)

In the path of Turkey towards the EU, on the question of whether Turkey
should recover the relationship with Germany, the two-thirds of our people
have determinedly responded that it should be recovered.
Question 11: Do you think that Turkey can become a member of European
Union in 2023 which is the 100th anniversary of our Republic?

Evet (28,4)
Hayır (57,2)
Kararsızım (14,4)
Neutral (14,4)
No (57,2)
Yes (28,4)

Traditionally, Turkey becoming a member of the EU in the100th Anniversary of
the foundation of our Republic has been discussed in public. While the rate of
people who believe to become member in the 100th Anniversary is 28.4
percent, those who say no are almost to half.
Question 12: To what extend the status of the EU is important for Turkey’s
current agenda?

Çok önemli (30,2)
Orta derece önemli (32,5)
Az önemli (16,2)
Önemli değil (21,1)
Very important (30,2)
Important (32,5)
Less important (16,2)
Not important (21,1)

Lastly, when we asked to what extend this is important for Turkey’s current
agenda, approximately 70 percent of the population does not consider it is

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